Sunbury Art Society



Sunbury Art Society – Who are we

The Sunbury Art Society began in 1985 as a not-for-profit organisation. It is open to anybody over the age of 18. Membership numbers are currently at around 50 with Life Members still actively participating.

Our members come from all walks of life, with varying degrees of experience and experimentation in art. All members have absolute freedom in the way they conceptualize and create their artwork. The collective result is a versatile body of work.

Sunbury Art Society (SAS) is an inclusive art society that encourages everyone with interest in art to join and develop their skills. The Society opens its arms to all demographics, ranges of physical and intellectual abilities to share ideas, lift each other’s skills and enjoy art.

We meet at the Sunbury Boilerhouse, building 20 located on Jacksons Hill twice weekly where members and participants are encouraged and supported in.

SAS provides tools like workshops and classes to help members develop their technical skills and gain confidence to experiment with new forms. These are well attended with great results.

We also offer our members framing services which allows artworks to be ready for hanging at exhibitions and/or sales.

Many of our members also enter their artworks in surrounding art shows, exhibitions and events during the course of the year and have received awards for their talents. 

To showcase the variety of talent, SAS holds an annual art show for our members along with an “end of year” studio sale.  These events are well attended by the public resulting in good sales, and in some cases promotes new memberships.


Main Committee Members

Ken Winnell (President) 

Yvonne Bradford  (Vice President)  

Miffy Howell  (Treasurer) 

Linden Bresaz – (Secretary) 

General Committee Members

Lois Outjers
Marina Zakryszka
Susan Sette
Christine Weisz
Michelle Beveridge


For more information regarding Sunbury Art Society,
contact our group president, Ken Winnell on 0407 062 568
or email;

Or send your enquiry to us via our Contact page.