Sunbury Art Society


Held on the weekend of the 25th & 26th November 2023


Thursday 22nd June to Sunday 3rd September 2023

Members of the Sunbury Art Society are a creative bunch, driven by the never-ending cycle of creating, pondering, planning, starting, and completing. Each artist creates for different reasons – it could be to quiet the mind or to escape into the artwork so the rest of the world ceases to exist. Whatever the reason, their appetite for art runs wild with striking results. 

Artists are exceptionally lucky people and the rewards of making are huge, especially when there is a strongly felt connection to the work being produced. Their imaginations are unlimited, and the ideas never stop. Within the space of a blank sheet of paper, an idea is born.  Each piece created is an extension of the mind which continuously searches for the best way to interpret a response to the world we live in. If a viewer stops for just a moment to reflect on a piece, then we have also captured their appetite for art.    

Sunbury Art Society Annual Art Exhibition

6th to 13th May, 2023