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Our most recent SAS Project

Challenge 2 - Take on Clarice Beckett

Members enjoyed the first challenge taking a leaf out of Gustav Klimt’s style.

This time members were introduced to Clarice Beckett, a well-known Australian artist renowned for her subtle, misty landscapes of Melbourne and its suburbs.  Living in Beaumaris, many of her works depicted the local area.  By 1926 she was creating landscapes unprecedented in Australian art for their “radical simplicity”.

After much research and getting a feel of her works (see samples below), the team were ready to create their own style of Clarice’s work.

Sounded simple, but the challenge was to keep it moody, soft and with a limited colour palate.  Tricky, but great artworks resulted.

Sunbury Art Society 37th Annual Art Show

Our recent annual event at the Boilerhouse Art Gallery, concluded on the 11th May, 2024.

The Opening Night on Friday, 3rd May, was a great success with many sales.  A wonderful evening enjoyed by all.

We are further delighted that the entire event was a huge success with fantastic attendance in numbers and a total of 47 framed painting sold.  

We would like to thank all our members for participating in this event and for their time involved in making it a success.

We also thank all those who came along to the show and supported our members.


Recent SAS Project


Murals are a unique and creative way to transform a building or wall from drab to something stunning and eye catching. Sunbury Art Society was approached recently by a local client to beautify a very dull backyard garden shed. We were given the opportunity to design and paint an image on the shed to compliment the rest of her gorgeous yard.

Looking at the colours of the plants surrounding the area, the perfect choice was a wisteria tree with branches full of lilac flowers wrapping around two sides of the shed seen by the audience. A strategically placed street lamp hides the edges of the shed door, and for a personal touch, a cute owl sits on a branch observing its surrounds.

Marina, Susan, and Yvonne – members of the Sunbury Art Society thoroughly enjoyed creating the mural and seeing it come to life with each brush stroke. This was a challenge never done as a collective group, but the results are amazing. Each artist has her own unique style and technique, but working together, were able to create a unified piece.

Who says artists must paint on paper only, give us a brush and we will create artistic works on any surface. Are we ready to do this again, of course, it was a great experience and lots of fun.

Art Challenge 1 - February 2024

Sunbury Art Society members are always eager to learn new techniques and styles to get out of their comfort zone. To start the year off, members were given a challenge to learn about a very well known artist, Gustav Klimt and to take a leaf out of his book to create their own take on of his work.

His distinctive style is characterized by ornate details and rich symbolism, often featuring gilded patterns and intricate motifs. 

The results are amazing, as you can see from the artwork displayed. 

The society plans on running these challenges to its members on a regular basis.  As this first one got the imaginative juices flowing, we are now eager to continue experimenting with different techniques and mediums.