Sunbury Art Society

Judy Krohn

Artist Profile

Judy (Judith) Krohn Judy grew up in Melbourne with artistic parents.  Her mother became a well-known watercolour artist in the 70’s to 90’s going by the name Verna Cordy while her father loved painting in oils. Judy loved art classes while attending Uni High and developed a flair for watercolour. While living in South Africa between 1965-2020 she ensued her passion for drawing and painting. Now back in Victoria, Judy is excited to be part of the Sunbury Art Society where she has continued her enthusiasm for the arts. With the encouragement of the group, she has found inspiration to create wonderful artwork, especially the local landscapes with its many changing seasonal colours. Judy has passed on her artistic talents to her now adult granddaughters, who are showing great promise with their own sketching styles. The family line has definitely inherited the (art) gene.

Artwork by Judy Krohn