Sunbury Art Society

Linden Bresaz

Artist Profile

Linden's art practice commenced with acrylics, but watercolour is her current joy. She initially attended classes offered by local artists but in recent years has explored her own directions. She is captivated by the curve that is almost a straight line and the play of colour as paint blends on paper. She tested the waters as a kind of peer review and had works accepted over several years by the Moonee Valley, Warrenwood and Camberwell art shows. More recently she participated in the 'Crescendo' on-line exhibition, in group exhibitions at The Old Auction house at Kyneton and in Sunbury Art Society art shows and exhibitions. Linden enjoys art shows. They provide an opportunity to view the world through other eyes and to read the stories that others tell in their work.

Artwork by Linden Bresaz